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New in our programme - special polarized spectacle lenses. Ideal for model aviators.

Holger Karow

Holger Karow
Pilot Holger Karow, several times German Champion and World Champion, swears by Skylet. I use Skylet spectacle glasses at work too. Unrivalled in contrast, they increase safety under difficult visibility conditions.

Derren Francis British Gliding National Team

Derren Francis .jpg
Perfect vision with Skylet sunglasses....


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Simon Schröder

Siegerehrung Winzeln
Tobias Welsch, talented young junior pilot, a member of the Junior National Team since 2004, World Championship participant, German Champion in the Club Class, flies 3 x 1000 km in the year 2009 … naturally with Skylet spectacle glasses.

Reinhard Schramme

Reinhard Schramme
For me there is no alternative! Pilot Reinhard Schramme, European Champion and multiple German Champion talking about Skylet!

Sabrina Vogt

Sabrina Vogt.jpg
Sabrina Vogt, Weltmeisterin in der Clubklasse 2017 , begeistert von Ihre neuen Brille aus unserer individuellen Kollektion.


Skylet - for heavenly distinctions Skylet sun protection lenses have been specially designed for situations in which greater protection is required from UV light and glare, and special demands are made on contrast at the same time. As such sports as gliding, paragliding and hang-gliding are often performed in difficult light conditions, high contrast vision is of special importance, especially from the safety viewpoint.

Skylet © - for astounding colour contrasts

Alongside the blue filter and the excellent glare protection, Skylet © naturally has much more to offer: Your eyes are 100% protected against solar UV radiation - by the sea and in the mountains too, especially in flying and aerial sports. Whichever version you choose - road, fun or sport - with Skylet © you will be treating your eyes to something really good. Skylet © sunglass lenses are available in three different versions or light reduction stages - but always with 100% solar UV protection

Skylet © fun 70%

The brightest Skylet© lens with 70% light reduction * Cosmetically attractive, reddish-brown tint * Particularly suitable for diffuse weather and hazy visibility * Maximum accentuation of colour contrasts. Recommended for medium brightness and difficult light conditions, e.g. haziness

Skylet © road 80%

Sun protection lenses with 80% light reduction for all-round use * Attractive brown tint * Strong colour contrast in medium sunshine Recommended in medium sunshine and summer weather in Central Europe

Skylet © sport 90%

Dark brown sun protection lens with 90% light reduction * The lens to recommend for strong glare conditions mountain areas or * Light conditions such as those prevailing in Spain, South Africa, Australia…. Ideal for dazzling sunshine and strong glare, e.g. on glaciers, in high mountainous areas, on water and for flying. Sunglasses can do much more than simply attenuate dazzling light. They benefit health and safety too. With their unique features Skylet © lenses provide unimagined perspectives.

Skylet © "You'll be amazed when you put them on"

You will be amazed the first time you try a pair of glasses with Skylet © sun protection lenses - the world will gain fresh contours. The impressive effect of Skylet © is based on its reduction of the blue component in sunlight. This is because the blue component particularly is responsible for the stray light that is superimposed over the other colours like a "veil". The eye perceives colours more poorly and less distinctly; colour contrasts appear weaker. The blue filter (blue attenuator) stops this process. The colours become more brilliant, the contours sharper, and in some cases the acuteness of vision can increase. And of course Skylet © is available for all prescription lenses and with antireflection treatment! If you order online, please state your complete vision strength data. If you have a prescription, you can call up informant information about the individual data here.

Skylet © is a registered trademark of the firm Carl Zeiss Vision