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Brillen Küppers Telefon in Goch
Telephone: 0049-2823-3782

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New in our programme - special polarized spectacle lenses. Ideal for model aviators.

Holger Karow

Holger Karow
Pilot Holger Karow, several times German Champion and World Champion, swears by Skylet. I use Skylet spectacle glasses at work too. Unrivalled in contrast, they increase safety under difficult visibility conditions.

Derren Francis British Gliding National Team

Derren Francis .jpg
Perfect vision with Skylet sunglasses....


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Simon Schröder

Siegerehrung Winzeln
Tobias Welsch, talented young junior pilot, a member of the Junior National Team since 2004, World Championship participant, German Champion in the Club Class, flies 3 x 1000 km in the year 2009 … naturally with Skylet spectacle glasses.

Reinhard Schramme

Reinhard Schramme
For me there is no alternative! Pilot Reinhard Schramme, European Champion and multiple German Champion talking about Skylet!

Sabrina Vogt

Sabrina Vogt.jpg
Sabrina Vogt, Weltmeisterin in der Clubklasse 2017 , begeistert von Ihre neuen Brille aus unserer individuellen Kollektion.

You have a prescription for glasses or you know your lens strengths?

Sphere in optician's language: The sphere is the basic strength of the glasses. If there is a plus symbol in front of the figure, then you are farsighted. If there is a minus in front of the figure, you are short-sighted. You can state these values when you place your order. If you order standard glasses, you do not need to complete these data when ordering. Axis in optician's language: The axis states the direction of the astigmatism. It is prescribed in a range from 0 to 179 degrees. You can state these values too if you have a prescription for glasses and know the data. Otherwise do not fill in these fields when you make your entries. If the optician or your ophthalmologist speaks of cylinders: If you have astigmatism, the cylinder describes the difference between the two directions of the cornea. You can enter these data when ordering too if you know them. Pupillary distance: The pupillary distance (abbreviated to PD) is the distance between the pupil centres of both eyes measured from the centre of the nose. The pupillary distance is a value that is important for the optical adjustment of your glasses, as the optical centre points of the glasses must be centred precisely. If you do not provide us with any data about this we assume a figure of 31.50 mm. Do you want to order glasses adjusted to your needs? We shall be glad to send you an offer if you would like to have your glasses adapted to your vision. At the end of the order simply go to Please send me an offer and not to the checkout.